Taiwan: The Interbreeding Field

Chia Chi Jason WANG, Curator

Architecture is a way to connect space and people. The major concept and act of “interbreeding” held as key to the philosophy of the interbreeding Field (IF hereafter) is about creating new species of architectural structures, exploring new spatial thinking, and initiating new generation of architects, by connecting the past, the existing, and the highly potential or prospective, so as to lead into the future.

To facilitate the spectator with a real, physical sense of his/her body in a space and to further evoke a “space” memory by breaking down the routine thinking of the spectator, or even semi-coercing him/her to question and rethink the pertinent issues of space, body, memory, and nature, the IF team intends, to take advantage of its experimental spirit by “implementing” an architectural structure of ingenuity into the space of the Palazzo delle Prigioni in Venice, where the Taiwan Pavilion is located.

This implemented structure will take up, spread, and extend into all of the three exhibition rooms, forming and interpenetrating and mutually related pathway, capable of providing the spectator with a tangible, hospitable architectural space that allows the human body to walk around, move about, and explore, Palazzo delle Prigioni will thus be turned into a new space/place like a transformed landscape that can be dwelled and roamed, which may further boost our spatial imagination and thinking about the natural environments and human dwelling, as well as the visual and tactile feeling towards, the beauty of the architectural structure itself. To accommodate the building of a spatial atmosphere, various applications of digital image and mixed media alike will be intergrade as well.

By turning over the existing definition of the space in question, this architectural project is not simply an exploration or interrogation about the making of the image of nature and human dwelling, but also means to enhance the spectator to reflect upon the established relationships of architecture, nature, technology, and culture with human beings.

To further realize this exhibition project of the interbreeding Field as described, a replica of Palazzo delle Prigioni of exact same (1:1) scale will first be built nearby the matrix site of the interbreeding Field at the Tainan National College of the Arts, Taiwan. A distinctive construction will be designed as unit sets, which can be assembled and disassembled as efficiently as possible. And it is these unit sets that will be shipped to Palazzo delle Prigioni for on location reassembling.